Guest performances in Sweden. “CelloCinema” and “Pulcinella Suite” go on tour.  

New project featuring works by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy created with the 

Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra.


Premiere of the program "Hereingeschneit" ("Snowed In") in Dresden.  Summer 

Academy at the Warsaw Mime Center, guest performance at the International Mime 

Art Festival Warsaw.  Tour with Quadro Nuevo as part of the Festspiele 

Mecklenburg Vorpommern.  Guest performances in Finland.


Premiere in Dresden: in cooperation with the Societaetstheater, the program 

"Follow Light! Träume zu Mitnehmen" (“Follow Light! Dreams to Go”) is created, 

followed by performances of the new program throughout Germany. 


"The Don Quixote Family" makes guest performances in Vienna and Graz as well as 

in the Philharmonie in Cologne and at the Cité de la Musique in Paris. More tours to 

Poland, Finland, Macedonia, Holland and Ecuador. Together with the WDR 

Symphony Orchestra in Cologne, a visual concert of Stravinsky's “Pulicinella Suite” is 



Premiere of "The Don Quixote Family" at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, 

commissioned by ECHO- the European Concert Hall Organisation, directed by Lionel 

Menard and with compositions by and featuring the cellist Elisabeth Naske. 

Performances of ¡silence! and “Out Of The Blue” bring the duo to Finland, the 

Netherlands and Turkey.


The Circus Theater Dresden engages Neander and von Bodecker for the lead roles in 

"Faust Without Words", directed by Tom Quaas and Lionel Ménard.  Both press and 

audience praise this world premiere with enthusiasm.


Tour with ¡silence! in the cities of Mexico and Argentina. Appearances at theater 

festivals in Finland and Poland.


Four tours bring the Compagnie to Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina and 

Venezuela. The highlight of the tour is a performance in the Teatro Teresa Carreño, 

which, with seating for 2,500 spectators, is the largest theater in Latin America.  

“Tulles and his Shadow” makes a guest performance at De Doelen in Rotterdam and 

at the Opera of Lille in France. “Out Of The Blue” is performed for the first time in 



“Out Of The Blue” tours Argentina and Peru.  Premiere of the visual concert 

“CelloCinema” with Eckart Runge from the Artemis Quartet and Jacques Ammon. 

Working together with the Luxembourg Ensemble LUCILIN, “Tulles and his 

Shadow”, a visual concert for children, is created. Premiere at the Philharmonie 



Out Of The Blue plays at the Goetheanum in Dornach and at the Fringe Festival in 

Recklinghausen. Guest appearance of “Bonjour, Monsieur Satie!” at the 

Philharmonie Luxembourg, with six sold out peformances.


The Konzerthaus Berlin commissions Neander and von Bodecker to create a visual 

homage to Erik Satie. Under the direction of Lionel Ménard, the musical pantomime 

“Bonjour, Monsieur Satie!” celebrates its premiere in January 2005 and since then 

has been a regular part of the playbill.

“Out Of The Blue” goes on tour to Luxembourg and Warsaw and debuts in Paris in 

the prestigious Théâtre le Ranelagh.

Neander and von Bodecker are once again stage partners with Marcel Marceau on 

his two-month tour of Germany.  The duo look back upon this time fondly, as it was 

the last tour with their master.


Neander and von Bodecker act as Marcel Marceau's assistants during his tour of 

Germany.  “Out Of The Blue” tours Switzerland

2002 -2003

Bodecker & Neander take over the visual creation of a theatrical fashion show for 

the Belgian designer Pascale Kervan entitled “Il Mimoda” at the Cirque Royal in 

Brussels. Special guest is Marcel Marceau.

Tour to China for International Art Festival with ¡silence!.  United States debut of “In 

the Upper Room” by Philip Glass, together with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra.

In cooperation with the North-West German Philharmonie, a new visual concert, “La 

Découverte”, based on Philip Glass’ Symphony No. 3, is created.  Tour of Germany.


Creation and premiere of “Out Of The Blue” in the Academy of Arts in Berlin, 

directed by Lionel Ménard. Tour to the United Kingdom, Venezuela and Germany. 

More tours with the Compagnie Marcel Marceau.


ECLAT - the Festival of New Music - commissions Bodecker & Neander to create 

theater performances set to music by eight contemporary composers. With the 

London-based Arditti Quartet and the New Vocal Soloists in Stuttgart the works are 

produced and directed by Lionel Ménard. “L'Etoile Filante” is premiered at the 

Theater Stuttgart. Philip Glass arranges his music “In The Upper Room” for the 

Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra and pantomime theater. With this, the third visual 

concert “Romeo and Romeo” is produced. Performances at the Mercedes Forum 

Stuttgart, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, and at EXPO2000 in Hanover.


In cooperation with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Octet, the “Concert Visuel en Françaix”, 

homage to the French composer Jean Françaix, is premiered. This new genre is a 

great success at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig and the Semperoper in Dresden. 

¡Silence! wins the Audience Award at the Berlin Mime Festival and goes on tour to 



Tours with Marcel Marceau through Japan, Great Britain and Taiwan. Initial 

concepts for a "visual concert" develop.


¡Silence! tours through Belgium and Germany. Marcel Marceau engages v. Bodecker 

and Neander for his new mime drama “Le Chapeau Melon”, which is world 

premiered in Munich's Prince Regent Theatre. Two-month guest appearance at the 

Espace Pierre Cardin in Paris.


The duo’s work together begins on a luxury liner. Among the diverse impressions 

include numerous foreign countries.

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